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Father & Son Day funds two specific initiatives aimed at fighting male cancer

About The Cause

By sharing portraits of inspirational fathers and sons, and between men and their mentors, Father & Son Day honours the solidity of their unit, its strength, decency and trust – and uses their endorsement to create a dignified, honest space for vital dialogue, awareness and fund raising.

People can easily get involved by sharing their own #FatherAndSonDay portraits on Instagram, donating via text and nominating friends to do the same. The donation will pass directly to the specific Father and Son initiatives within The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

We are also engaging with partners in the fashion industry to sell blue shirts – the male wardrobe staple – in aid of Father and Son Day.

Father and Son Day isn’t tied to one specific date in the calendar. It goes deeper than that. Every day should be a #FatherAndSonDay.


What we fund

There’s more than a grain of truth to the idea of men suffering in silence, but not all men are strong, silent types. Too many suffer needlessly, without support. Our aim is to forge a tool in support of The Royal Marsden that raises awarenesss of all Male Cancers, but which also raises funds for two specific targets:


First is the Robotic Surgical Fellowship, a truly pioneering programme which will transform the way cancer operations are carried out, and their outcomes, by funding the training of the next generation of cross-discipline super surgeons.

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Second, but no less important, we are raising money for a programme that funds specialist clinical psychologists for young men affected by cancer, giving them tools to communicate and cope with their cancer diagnosis and treatment and ensuring that, when they are at their most vulnerable, they get the very best care.

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Our Story

Father and Son Day was set up in 2014 by Daniel Marks and Jack Dyson, two friends who have both survived testicular cancer, whose fathers have had cancer, who have dealt with hospitals, helplines and hospices, and who know first hand that too many men suffer in silence rather than call on support.


Daniel Marks

Director – TCS

Daniel Marks, Director of The Communications Store, represents some of the most iconic names within the fashion world as well as some of the best British fashion talent. He had testicular cancer when he was 17. His father survived prostate cancer two years ago.

“This campaign is inspired by very personal experience. It is about giving back to an organisation that saved my life and saves thousands more around the world every day. The bond between father and son is one of the most important, rare and powerful friendships many men will ever have. Its strength and power deserves to be celebrated with dignity. We’re thrilled to be a catalyst for that and raise funds for such a worthy cause.”


Jack Dyson

Founder – Dysonology

Jack Dyson is the founder of Dysonology, which helps some of the world’s biggest luxury, tech and business brands tell their stories in the right place and the right way. He had testicular cancer when he was 27. He lost his father to bowel cancer three years ago.

“This is about raising funds to support the people at the heart of improving the lives of those men with cancer, making a difference at the frontline of care – somewhere we’ll all be at some point. For everyone involved it’s about acknowledging a truly special relationship and directing that positivity to something real that will last. ”