Wheel of Fortune online game on mobile and in browser

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For five bucks, the Wheel of Fortune app will seem dear to non-fans. The graphics are a little tricky in places, and you have to play with two built-in opponents. But this is what makes the game a good choice for children. It is completely autonomous and safe – you have to solve 1000 puzzles on three levels of difficulty. Parents and avid fans alike may find this beneficial.

Wheel of Fortune online game on mobile

An official app that provides a free-to-play counterpart

Key features of the Wheel of Fortune official app:

  1. Spin Together – A new multiplayer mode allows players to challenge their friends in the Wheel of Fortune online game app.
  2. Pass and Play – Challenge your family and friends in person with Pass and Play for two and three players.
  3. Unlock Achievements – Complete various activities in the game, such as play solo, play Spin Together, or win the jackpot to unlock new achievements.
  4. Avatar Personalization – Dress your avatar with new themed pieces of clothing dedicated to the Wheel of Fortune. Customize your look with a full range of features, from hairstyles and glasses to clothing and accessories.
  5. Meet Pat Sayak – 3D Pat Sayak guides players through an authentic Wheel of Fortune experience – watch his style change as he travels through time in Story Mode.
  6. Solo Single Player – Career story mode takes players on a journey through the rich 30-year history of the Wheel of Fortune.
  7. Universal app – download the game once and play on other compatible devices.
  8. Themed Content – Themed puzzles and avatars are available for purchase to get even more fun with the Wheel of Fortune (e.g. Monster Pack, School Time, Night on the Town, etc.)

That is a short description of the official app. But what if you don’t want to pay for it?

Free-to-Play app

If you don’t want to pay real money for the app, you can always find a free to play version of it in the Play Market or App Store. For example, Wheel of Fortune: Free Play is a great app that has almost every feature described above.

Wheel of Fortune mobile

Wheel of Fortune online game

On the wide fields of the Internet, you can find no download flash Wheel of Fortune online game that has been released for several video game consoles, including the SEGA Genesis. The game features over 3000 puzzles that you need to solve before time runs out. Try your luck spinning the wheel and try to get the biggest money or jackpot and bonus prizes along the way in Wheel of Fortune casino game free online. See for yourself what it is like to be a part of this popular game show and enjoy the game.

Since the game is an emulation of a console game, controls might be pretty strange to you. Just remember:

  • Arrow Keys – Directional Buttons / Movement;
  • Press “Z” Key – A button;
  • Press the “X” Key – B button;
  • Space – Select;
  • Enter – Start;

Play the game and enjoy puzzles.

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