Wheel of Fortune Rules of Spinning – How to Play Slots featuring this Bonus

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Slot machines would not be so popular if they did not offer such a variety of gameplay features. There are tons of online slots featuring different bonus rounds – arcade games, ‘Gamble’, free spins and much more. However, only a few slots offer to play the Lucky Wheel as a bonus round. Having chosen such a slot, you need to familiarize yourself with the Wheel of Fortune rules for spinning in order to be ready for amazing gaming actions that can make you a truly rich player. In addition, some of them consist of several wheels to make the gameplay even more exciting – as you progress through the levels, you will get closer to the main prize.

So, we recommend choosing slots that offer the Wheel of Fortune as a bonus. However, while this game has simple rules, you start by learning wheel of fortune game rules before diving into the gameplay.

Wheel of Fortune Rules of Spinning – How to Play Slots with Such Bonus in Canada

whee lof fortunes rules of spinning

Although the Wheel of Fortune rules for spinning are very simple, you might get confused when this bonus starts if you are a beginner. When choosing a slot game featuring WoF bonus, you should know the following:

  1. Although in some retro slots the Wheel of Fortune is located above the reels and serves only a decorative function, there are slots in which you can play the famous game in a new game window.
  2. You don’t need to learn the complex Wheel of Fortune rules for spinning before you can start playing this bonus round.
  3. Most often, the pockets of the lucky wheel contain a multiplier that will be used to increase your bet, a sign of going to a new level or an icon that means that you have lost.

So, WoF is an amazing bonus to be found in some of the best online casino slots. You don’t need to learn complicated Wheel of Fortune game rules to play for real money.

WoF Slots by IGT

A wide variety of slots by IGT featuring Wheel of Fortune bonus round are available to Canadian players. In addition to quality branding, these games offer a lot in terms of gameplay and payouts. While these slots do not offer a free spins feature, the built-in WoF bonus makes up for this drawback completely. Here are some important features of WoF Slots by IGT:

  • High RTP. In most slots by IGT, the return-to-player ratio is over 93-95%.
  • Wide betting range and many high-paying symbols in the game, including special icons.
  • In the main game, paid combinations are formed along paylines in both directions – from left to right and from right to left.
  • Huge maximum cash prize which is x7.200.000 bet size.
  • WoF slot machine bonus is launched quite often – and you don’t need to learn complicated Wheel of Fortune rules for spinning to start playing and win.

Regardless of which slot with WoF bonus you choose, you will get a unique gaming experience and high chances for hitting large cash prizes.

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